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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Have you seen my latest posts?

Hi wonderful readers,

As I said in my last post I am now only posting on my new blog/website and just wanted to let you know what you have been missing on my other site.

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Please check them out and keep reading


Monday, June 30, 2014

This blog has moved

Thank you all so much for reading my blog.  I hope that it has helped you along your path to better health and wellness. After 4 years of blogging on Anthea's Ayurveda I have decided to move this blog and all future posts to my website Harmony Balance Health. All the articles have been transferred and I will no longer be posting from this site. Thank you all for visiting and reading. I will keep this blog open so you can continue to read the post from the last 4 years but all future posts will now be on my website Harmony Balance Health

Monday, April 21, 2014

I have some very exciting news, I am moving my practice back to Sydney and will be starting to work in Brookvale at "Be Still and Chill" (don't you just love the name!) from next Monday April 28th. 

I’m so excited and can’t wait to start! I am planning to run workshops, meditations and also be available more days and on weekends once I get myself established.

To celebrate this exciting development I am offering you all a discount for the first month! Take 30% off any treatment!

Spoil yourself or a loved one to a massage, a healing or have your dosha assessed and bring harmony to your health and wellbeing

Hope to see you soon xx

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Simple steps to help you sleep

Sometimes when I can't sleep I ask myself "How do I feel? Where is my mind? And how does my energy feel?"  Usually I'm anxious or thinking too much about something or have had a busy day with little down time.When I feel into my energy it feels buzzy and jittery not at all restful and calm. I also feel into where my energy is sitting and often find it's in the upper part of my body. No wonder I can't sleep!

To fall  asleep you need to be relaxed in your mind and in your body, both your physical and energetic body. You need to have your energy grounding and calming you. The breath needs to be deep and the exhalation needs to be nice and long. These are the basic principles of Yoga and meditation and can be applied to sleep.

So here are the simple steps to help you fall into a deep and restful sleep.

  • Firstly focus on your feet, your knees or anywhere that is below the waist. This brings my energy down to the lower part of your body and will help to ground and calm your mind and nervous system. 
  • Then work on your breathing. Take a few deep breaths and let go with a sigh. Then start breathing slowly and deeply. 
  • Often when we are stressed we our inhale is much longer than our exhale and to help us to sleep we need to turn this around. 
  •  Count how many breaths you are breathing in and then work on increasing the out breaths. For example, if you are breathing in for the count of 8 breath then breath out for the count of 9 or 10. It might feel a bit awkward at first as you readjust your breathing pattern but just stick with it. 
  • Keep adding an extra count to the out breath Breath until you are easily breathing out for longer then you are breathing in.
  • You should notice that you're feeling more relaxed.
  • Breathe in and breathe o - u - t - 
  • Now that you have a rhythm bring your focus back to your feet. Imagine you can breath out of your feet. Imagine your breath moving down your body out your feet. 
  • Breathe in and breathe o - u - t - 
  • If your mind wanders, starts to go over things, then just bring it back to the breath..in and out

Usually by the time I have done all of this the next thing I know I am waking up in the morning and I have had a really good deep sleep.

Give it a go and tell me what you think and if you have any other sleep remedies then please share.

Sweet dreams xx

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Couples Healing

Did you know that your relationship has an energy body? It's very own set of chakras and Aura? Well is does! Just as our individual chakras hold memories, thoughts and vibrations so too do the chakras of your relationship. Every fight, miscommunication, and grudge, all unspoken words and all the anger and sadness. Everything good and bad is stored away creating blocks and holding us back from more love, more understanding and more compassion. But it doesn't have to be this way. Through energetic healing you are able to release these heavy, negative energies and allow the beauty of the relationship to thrive!

To book a couples healing

Monday, March 17, 2014

Energetic Healing Explained

Our life is full of examples of how energy expresses itself in our bodies, a broken heart, butterflies in our stomach, the weight of the world on our shoulders. Our thoughts and emotions quite literally play out in our physical world and weigh us down. They create heaviness, pain and blockages throughout our bodies that can be seen in stiff necks, back aches and a whole range of illnesses and issues both physical and psychological. There is evidence of the effects all around us.

We can even feel it in other people and places. We can walk into a room and just know something's not right, or have a funny feeling about someone or something for no reason. It's all energy! And it affects us in positive ways as well.  There are people out there who can do no wrong, those that are magnets to money and fortune, and those that everyone loves and are wonderful to be around. These people are full of good positive energy and it is their positive energy that creates their positive life and this is what we are all capable of!

Each and every one of us has an energy field that surrounds us known as our Aura as well as several major energy centres along our spine called the chakras. Together these form our energy body and are where we hold and store the energy of our thoughts, emotions, experiences and memories, good and bad. We build and strengthen our energy body everyday through thinking and feeling and reacting to life and most of it is unconscious.  When we dwell on the negatives that are sent our way and hold onto things that cause us pain our energy field gets dark and heavy and we can become quite pessimistic, stuck and fearful. We try to let things go and know we need to but sometimes it's just so difficult to let go and move on. But it can be done.

Energetic healing is a non touch form of healing that works directly with our energy field to remove the energies that are holding onto the past and the problems that creating negative situations in our life. As these negative energies are released we allow ourselves to build a stronger healthier more positive energetic makeup, bringing with it a more positive outlook on life and a more positive reality. Over time and with guidance and support we can become one of those lucky people!

During a healing session your energy body will be given a thorough clean. You may feel different sensations as the negative energies are released from your body, this is just the energy moving and is completely normal. Thoughts, emotions and memories may also surface as they present themselves for healing. The energy body "talks" to you and the healer, providing information that can be used to help facilitate the most effective and efficient healing for that session.

Throughout the healing you will be directed to focus on certain areas of your body, areas where you may be feeling pain or discomfort as well as the chakras which relate to different aspects of your life. Energy is directed into these areas by the healer while you use your breath, mind and voice to release, cleanse and clear blockages, stuck emotions and other forms of negativity. Once your aura and chakras have been cleaned and cleared they are filled up with positive thoughts and beliefs, allowing positive energy to form and grow.

Results will vary depending on how deep and complex an issue is. Sometimes things flow easily and you feel and see immediate results while others take time to work through. More complex issues that go deep and carry a lot of pain are best taken slowly, removing the layers, working through the wounds, and allowing yourself to heal at a rate that is safe and nurturing. 

Issues that can be addressed with Energetic Healing include -

  • relationships
  • low self esteem
  • feeling stuck, lost or lacking direction
  • fears
  • grief
  • physical pain
  • past traumas
  • emotional wounds
  • depression
  • finances
  • addiction
  • stress and anxiety
  • feeling overwhelmed

The healing and its effects continue once your session has finished and you will be given tools that you can use on a daily basis or as need be to help you to deal with life's issues and to prevent you from falling back into old patterns of thinking and behaving. Having someone to educate and support you through the process as you change and grow is of utmost importance. 

A Energetic Healing Package has been created to give the healing and support you need. 

                            4 Energetic Healing sessions 

1 Energetic Healing Massage

1 Chakra Healing Meditation CD

All for $380


Monday, March 3, 2014

Food for a Healthy Happy Body

Food is the key to a healthy and happy body. What we eat determines which nutrients our body has access to. Vitamins and minerals are essential ingredients to good health and the best place to find these are in the food we eat. The more of these essential nutrients your body is given the beter it will be. The opposite is also true, feed your body poor quality food devoid of any real nutritional value and your body will eventually suffer.

The Ayurvedic approach to food and nutrition goes even further than vitamins and minerals. Being a system focused on balance it uses food as a way of healing and restoring harmony to our physical and emotioanl bodies.

Ayurveda states that our bodies are made up of the 5 elements;earth, fire, water, ether and air and that when we have too much or not enough of one or more of these elements we become imbalanced. As all food is also made up of the 5 elements these imbalances are often the result of our diet choices.  Over time if we do not address these imbalances then we can develop illnesses of a physical and emotional nature. The cure however is also the cause and food is used to brign our mind and bodies back into a state of homeostais.

During an Ayurvedic consultation your diet is analysed to see where your imbalances are and a new eating plan is devised to suit your needs. After a few weeks or months depending on the severity of your condition a new eating plan will be designed as your body rebalances itself.  Sometimes foods that were initialy off limits and causing you pain or discomfort can be reintroduced and eaten once again.  It all depends on how your body reacts and heals.