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Friday, August 6, 2010


Now onto one of my favourite Ayurvedic therapies - massage.

Ayurvedic massage is a truely nourishing experience. I starts with warm oil being poured over the body. This in itself is a wonderful experience! The oil is specially prepared in relation to  the clients dosha and present imbalances. Once the body is covered in oil the body is massaged using fluid systematic strokes and marma manipulation. The results are increased energy flow, improved digestion, and the release of stress, emotional baggage and toxins. Rejuvenation and detoxification in one completely blissful experience!

This form of massage is also called marma therapy due to this manipulation of marmas. Marmas are Pranic (energetic) centers throughout the body. There are thousands all over the body,  107 are essential points and 43 are most commonly treated. They are the places where we store and hold ama (toxins), stress, and negative emotions. Marmas on the head, face, ears, back, stomach, legs, arms, hands, feet, fingers and toes are all massaged during a treatment, making Ayurvedic massage a true full body massage. 

When marmas are stimulated there is an increase of prana throughout the body. This works to unblock all those stored toxins and negativity allowing for the free flow of energy throughout the body. This energy flow is not on the physical level alone. Marmas are the physical energy centers that connect to subtle energy centers known as the chakras and nadis. So ayurvedic massage is a great therapy for anyone working with their chakras or subtle energies and makes Ayurvedic massage a wonderful therapy for healing the mind and emotions.

Self massage is a great way to work on your body on a daily basis. Warm up some oil and rub it over your body. Go around the joints and down the limbs. Leave the oil on for about 10 minutes and then wash it off with a mild natural soap. Do this every day or several times a week and you will look and feel so much better. 

I have found a room in Balmain Holistic Health. I will be working there with in a few weeks so will let you know the details soon.