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Saturday, September 18, 2010


Another post for the new mothers. I have come to realise over time as more and more people I know have babies that although breastfeeding is natural it is not always easy. This post is for all breast feeding mothers  having trouble meeting the needs of their growing babies.

  • Fennel seeds: They can be taken in a variety of ways. Added to food, made into a tea or chewed as is or roasted.
  • 2 drops of fennel oil in honey water every 2 hours.
  • Fennel and fenugreek tea
  • Chrysanthemum tea
  • Mangos
  • Quality fats
  • Warm cooked foods 
  • Reduction of dry foods
  • Stewed fruits
  • Milk (organic of course)
  • Incorporating sweet, sour and salty tastes into the diet.
  • Stress, fear, anger are best avoided if possible.
  • Hot baths