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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Meditation at the Harmony Centre

Hi everyone sorry I haven't posted anything for so long I have been so busy so haven't had the chance or the energy to write.
I have been doing lots of great things and have so much to share.

I will start with the amazing meditation I did last week at the Harmony Centre.

The Harmony Centre has locations all over Australia and runs loads of workshops on meditation, healing, and personal development. The people there are lovely and well trained and the 2 meditations I have done there so far have been fantastic. Very simply both meditations focused on bringing positive energy into the body and releasing negative energy. This was done using the chakras, visulisations and chanting/singing. Both times I went I was feeling tired and walked out singing! The days following were full of positivity but I was also really wiped out. During the mediation last week I think I moved a lot of negativity and literally felt a weight lift from me. It's pretty powerful stuff!

I think meditating in a group is really beneficial and a great way to work with a collective energy. If you are trying to meditate and finding it difficult then I highly recommend finding a meditation group and teacher to work with.

If anyone knows of any other great meditation centres near where you live or that you know of or have visited please share with us as some of my readers are not Australian and may like to find somewhere in their area. Also if you have any questions or comments please don't be shy.
Happy meditations to all.

*  The above picture is not of the Harmony Centre