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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Consultations and massages

As I mentioned a few weeks back I have found a clinic to start my practice. I will be working every Sunday and Saturday at the Balmain Centre for Holistic Health. I hope that if you are enjoying reading my blog and live locally you will come along and see how I can help you on a more personal level. I will be able to give you advice design a program specifically for your current imbalances and dosha.
For information about Ayurveda have a look at my page What is Ayurveda?

The massage
All people, their needs, desires and conditions are the results of the life they have lead, so Ayurveda approaches each person and their treatment as an individual.   The first consultation is very involved and will cover all aspects of your persons life. Diet, nutrition, digestion, exercise, work, stress, relationships, relaxation, sleep patterns, medical history, habits and routines will all be examined. From this information I will develop a daily routine, diet and lifestyle plan designed to help return you to your natural state of balance. 

Following each consultation will be a full body warm oil massage to help balance and rejuvenate your entire system. What more could your body and mind wish for? 

Please note that Saturdays are by appointment only.

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call or text me on 0431297010
or send a message to antheasayurveda@gmail.com