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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Food guidelines for your dosha

I have been busy making handouts that people can print and keep for a reference to see what foods they should be including in their diets and what foods are best avoided. I have tried to make them as user friendly as possible and would love some feedback. There are three seperate documents, one for each dosha or constitution; vata, pitt and kapha, and foods have been grouped according to their type, for example, grains, fruits, herbal teas.

So if you want to put the principles of Ayurveda into your daily diet print off the one or ones that relate to your dosha. If your not sure what dosh or imbalance you have then have a look at my post on the doshas, it's pretty easy to work out what you are. Then use the information and choose your food based on your diet and see what a difference it makes. Some changes will be noticeable quite quickly while others will show themselves over time. Give it a good month and see how you are feeling, physically, mentally and emotionally. An even bigger test will be if you do follow the guideline and then have something that is not favourable to your constitution, you body again will tell you. If your a vata you might feel bloated or get indigestion, if your a pitta you might find your body and emotions heat up and if you are a kapha type you might notice a little less energy or motivation. You'll be amazed at how foods effect your and how often your body tries to tell you what it thinks and feels.

Each document is 4 pages, please download, bookmark or print and use them to bring better health and healing to your life. Unfortunately there seems to be no way to add these documents through this site so you will have to go to an external site. Sorry for the inconveniece and I hope you come back.