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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

Love, Life, Lace

I just came across this cool idea on another blog and decided to join. The idea is to  It's a movement towards self reflection, thankfulness and peace. So at the end of the  week I will write about what added to my life in a positive way. So I guess that means that I will have to double up this week, but I'm sure that won't be too difficult. 
Ok so here I go my first reflection on the great things in my life this week.

  • I could not begin without mentioning my family and friends. I thank then for today, yesterday, this week and everyday
  • My health
  • My new soon to be flatmate for opening her house to me
  • My students who keep me young and make me laugh
  • The end of the heatwave
  • Getting a lift home so I don't have to wait for the bus
  • My 4 year old neighbour who has adopted me as his new best friend
  • My boyfriend for shouting me dinner one night and making me dinner the next
  • The washing machine finally being fixed
  • Nature for giving me such a beautiful place to spend my days

I could go on and on, as i do tend to do when I get writing but I will stop now. I hope you all too have had lots to be thankful for this week.