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Saturday, April 30, 2011

May Sangha

Our next sangha is upon us, well not quite but we are getting the word out there so you know to keep the evening of the 13th free. It's always the 2nd Wednesday of the month so that it's easier for everyone to remember. There seems to be a problem scribed at the moment so the flyer is not available for viewing so I'll give you all the details here.

Ayurveda Sangha

A community of health, healing and harmony

Our Sangha is a monthly “jam” where we get together, drink some yummy teas, sit on cushions and chat about health and wellbeing with an Ayurvedic focus.

This month we have two special speakers

Diddi Ji - Didi Ji is a teacher of spirituality, meditation and devotional chanting (kirtan). She will be expanding on spiritual aspect in relation with Ayurveda.

Kat O’Heir - "Kat is a Speech Pathologist who has spent the last five years specialising in the development of young children's communication and feeding skills in partnership with their families.  She will give a brief run-down of the developmental milestones to look out for in developing children, discuss a few preventative strategies and share some tricks she's picked up along the way to help children develop these essential skill sets.  Bring your playful inner child along for some interactive demonstrations!  Kat is also heading overseas to Fiji in a few months to develop a train-the-trainer sustainability program with an emphasis on child development and will wrap up with a brainstorm of the beautiful hearts and minds in this forum to advise on this adventure." 

If you are interested in coming along please contact me on my email or mobile for details.

Hope to see you there.

Anthea and the Sangha team