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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mother's Day Massage Certificate

We all love our mums right? They have looked after us since conception and are always there when we need them.  They have done so much for us over our lives that I for one could not even begin to be able to show my gratitude. I am very lucky to now have a very special gift that I can share with my mum, I can give her a beautiful massage.  So it got me thinking, all mums love massages and all mums deserve to be pampered, so I have decided to make a special offer for all the wonderful mums out there.

If you give your mum a Mother's Day Massage Certificate I will give her a beautiful full body organic oil massage using nourishing sesame oil and essential oils so that she leaves feeling totally relaxed.  And as she would probably want to have that same experience again she can then come back and have another massage and I'll give her 20% off. And why stop there?  Why not go all the way and help her to help herself. I will also give her 20% off an Ayurvedic consultation. She can come in anytime and we can sit down and she can tell me all about herself and I'll determine her dosha (body type) and  give her some advice as to how she can live a healthier life. Why just pamper her for one day?

Mother's Day Massage Certificate.  

  • A full body 75 minute massage using organic sesame and essential oils specially prepared to suit her body type and emotional needs.
  • 20% off her next massage
  • 20% off an Ayurvedic consultation
  • Valid for 3 months
  • $95

If this sounds like something you think your mum would love then come in and see me, call in at the clinic or give me a call.