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Friday, April 22, 2011

Super Easy Kitchari

Hi every just a quick and easy version of a very nutritious, delicious and easy to digest meal that I make about once a week. It's great because it is so simple and good for you. There are many different recipes around but this is the one I use because I usually make it when I am tired and it is super easy.

  • Heat ghee in a pan.  A nice heavy based one is best, but any old pot or pan will do. If you don't have ghee then use sesame oil. 
  • Add some herbs and spices according to your dosha/imbalance and season (I like mustard seeds, fennel seeds, fenugreek, nigella seeds, cumin seeds and turmeric, coriander and cardamo ). Add any seeds first and when they start to pop add other herbs and ginger. Skip the ginger if you have high pitta or digestive inflammation.
  • Once all spices and herbs have been heated add chopped vegetables according to your dosha, season and desires. Always listen to your inner voice, it knows what you need.
  • Once vegetables are nicely coated with the herbs, spices and ghee add mung beans or lentils and basmati rice (washed well of course) and enough water to fully cover the mixture and simmer.  The pulses you use will of course relate to your dosha/imbalance and the season.
  • You will need to check on it every now and then to give it a stir and to top up the water as it evaporates. 
  • Once it is done it is something between a soup and a stew. The consistency it totally up to you.
I always make twice as much as I need and have the rest for lunch. As I try to avoid microwaves I keep it in the pot overnight, heat it up in the morning on the stove and put it into a thermos. 

So there you go and simple and easy way to look after yourself. 

If you would like a list of foods for your dosha then follow the links. You can print them out and keep them for easy reference if you wish. Happy cooking.