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Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

Well it's been another week and I have  loads to be thankful for -

  • My family and friends who are so amazing and and extra special thanks for the help they have given me and getting the final remnants of my belongings from my old apartment.
  • Which leads to, finally having all of my stuff out of my old apartment and being able to move on.
  • Speaking of family, I recently had my cousin request friendship and now I am chatting to her as I write this.  I haven't seen her in years! So thanks you facebook and the internet and everyone who is responsible for making such things happen.
  • The Harmony Centre as always and all the lovely people who make it what it is.
  • The lady on the bus who put her granddaughter on her lap so I could sit down.
  • The amazing gathering I had at my place with some wonderful people on Saturday night. Thank you for your energy, conversation, food and presence.
  • Food. Medicine for the body and soul.
  • My wonderful clients who are progressing so well with their health and healing. Thank you for being so good and following my advice and sharing with me your journey.
  • Holidays, Easter and ANZAC day to be precise. Thank you for your suffering and your lives

Ah so much to be thankful for and so much better to look at the positive.

Have a great day