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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Busy Life

Yes life has been very busy recently and that is why my postings have been so sparce. I really wanted to write but have been following my own advice and making myself find balance. I have been doing this by taking the times that I am not busy or that I am free and allowing myself to be just that - free and not busy.  And it has been lovely!  I have been busy but I have not been burnt out. I have done things that I enjoy and that are relaxing even when I know I could be doing something "more productive". I have not thought "Oh here is a spare 30 minutes how can I fill it up?" instead I have thought "I have some time to rest or do something nice". And I have managed to live a life where I have lots to do but been able to still enjoy life and not feel frazzled, overworked, stressed, anxious or all those other side effects of having lots to do. Ah the beauty of not letting life control you!

The calendar is still pretty full for the next couple of months as I finish my yoga teacher training course and another course I have been doing about energetics, chakras, and all other wonderful ways to make myself more happy and shiny, so the posts will still be less frequent and again I am sorry. But it will all be worth it in the end as I will have even more skills and knowledge to help you all with. Until then I will do my best to say hello and keep you informed. The next big post will probably be on kirtan and how sound, singing and mantra is used as healing and meditation as that is the topic of our next Sangha. So stay tuned and stay balanced xx