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Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm Moving to the city!

After a wonderful 12 months in Balmain I have decided to move. It was a tough decision but once I saw my new clinic I knew I had found what I was looking for - it has a yoga room!!! I am so excited!  I have always wanted the space to hold small yoga class, up to 8 people, so I can really give each student a real personalised yoga experience and that is exactly what this room is made for.  And with the extra space  I can offer exactly what I have always wanted, all the parts of Ayurveda that I love so much - consultationmassageyoga, meditation and Pranayama. Did I say I am excited?!

As I am committed to my teaching job until the end of the year I will be there to start with from 4pm - 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Then in the New year I will be also available during the day too which will allow me to offer lunch time yoga classes then eventually meditation and Pranayama courses.  I have also decided to introduce more massages to allow for people who do not have 75 minutes to spare or want a quick massage over lunch, so although the 75 minute massage is perfectly delicious it is not always easy to find the time especially at lunch. I will let you know all about that in my next post.

It's all very inspiring and I am really looking forward to meeting and treating more people and helping them to find nice natural alternatives to bring  more balance to their lives. So if you work or live around Martin Place in the beautiful city of Sydney come along and say hi and experience one of my many Ayurvedic treatments.

My new premises are at AcuSense Suite 68, level 14, 88 Pitt Street Sydney

Looking forward to seeing you there.