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Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Massage Menu

I am now offering a wider range of massage services designed to fit into people's lunch breaks.  I am also very excited to be offering guided meditations as an add on before a massage. I started doing this with some of my clients in Balmain and had amazing results. It seems to take the client to a deeper level and from the feedback I have been given is a wonderful experience. 

As with all my massages I use use the traditional methods of Ayurveda which include the stimulation of mama points around the body and warm organic sesame oil. I also like to add essential oils to the sesame oil (all oils are certified organic) to further increase the benefits. The oils used are specifically chosen to match your dosha (Ayurvedic constitution) and any imbalances reflected in your current physical and emotional state. The combination of sesame oil, essential oils and mama stimulation relieves tensions, aches and pains on a physical level, as well as working on a deeper celular level to release toxins and emotions deep within the physical structure. 

  • My signature 1 hour full body Ayurvedic massage $95 The ultimate massage. An hour of pure pampering from head to toe. Allow yourself to truly unwind, relax and release your tensions.  Discover the pleasures of being indulgent.
  • Back, shoulders, arms & neck massage  30 minutes only $65  Release those neck and shoulder tensions and slip into a state of relaxation. Perfect for anybody who spends hours at a desk or computer. 
  • Foot & leg massage 30 minutes only  $65 Give your legs and feet a well earned rest and indulge them in some pampering.
  • Head & face massage 30 minutes only $65 A beautiful relaxing massage that is sure to bring a smile to your face. 
  • Add a 10 minute Guided Meditation to the beginning of your massage $20. Start your massage with a guided meditation and see what a difference it makes. Be guided to connect with the healing energies available to us all and feel how this connection remains throughout the massage.  Has to be experienced to fully understand the beauty of this powerful combination. A highly recommended addition to any massage. 

Available at
Brookvale and Narrabeen

0431 297 010