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Monday, May 30, 2011

New clinic hours

I have some exciting news - I will be extending my business hours to Saturdays from next month! Yeah! I have been thinking about adding another day to my schedule and an opening for Saturdays has come up in the clinic so I am taking it as a sign that it's time to make myself more available.  

I get so much joy from getting to know people and helping them in the journey to better health and happiness and am so excited about being in that energy more often. It is so satisfying to go to work and feel like you are making a difference to somebody's wellbeing. I have seen amazing changes in my clients and really want to help more people to achieve the same results. So as of the 25th of June I will be available for Ayurvedic consultations and massages on both Saturdays and Sundays at the Balmain Centre for Holistic Health. Please come along and let me help you bring more health and harmony into your life.

Please note that Saturdays are by appointment only.

Love health and happiness


Saturday, May 28, 2011

June Sangha

June is just around the corner and so too is our next Ayurveda Sangha. Once again we are very lucky to have a great line up of speakers.

Elizabeth-Powell, life coach, spiritual intuitive and author of “Lighten up it’s not that serious” will be using her very special gift to guide and inform us in whatever way seems most appropriate for the groups on the night. Elizabeth has a beautiful energy, a magnificent smile and works to help people make the most out of life.  She believes that “It is possible to enjoy a more fulfilling existence, where opportunities unfold before you, wishes manifest and your path to enrichment on every level is more clearly defined and easily found. Love. Health. Happiness. Purpose. It's actually all closer than you think.”

Our other speaker is one of the Sangha organisers and my very good friend Claire. She will be explaining the six tastes and their relationship to Ayurveda. She will be talking about the sweet taste in particular. Claire is one of the most fantastic cake cooks that I have had the pleasure to meet and she will be bringing along samples of the cooking for us to try so that we can experience the sweet taste and lern through all our senses.  She will help us to discover how it can be used as a therapy and not a sin!

So if you think this sounds like a delicious way to feed your mind, body and spirit come along and say hello. It is on the 8th of June at 7pm. Send me an email if you would like to come and I will give you the address. Hope to see you there.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

Today my gratitude is taking a slightly different format.

I am in midst of a small battle with my previous real estate agent over my bond and got an email from them that made me really angry, more angry then I have been in a really long time. I didn't want to be angry and needed to cool down, so I went for a walk down to the beach and walked up along the cliffs and just looked down at the waves crashing on the rocks below. Then I started to think about something that I had been told about gratitude only recently - practice it always, when your happy and when you are not. So I gave it a go. I just started to say that I was grateful for the things around me. The things that I could see. The waves, the ocean, the sky, the beach and then it just started to grow and it made me feel so much better. It wasn't easy at first but it didn't take long before it made me stop thinking about my problem and to focus on all the good things in life. I started to feel better. it was a great lesson in the power of gratitude. A lesson I am very grateful for.

So this week I am grateful for being grateful.