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Monday, March 4, 2013

Harmony Balance Health

I have been very busy studying over the last 2 years to develop more skills and deepen my knowledge of how to help people find balance and harmony in their health and lives. To acknowledge this I have created a new website Harmony Balance Health

I am very excited to about this new stage in my life and the fact that I now have more to offer my clients. The two areas that I have been focusing on through my studies are Yoga and Energetic Healing and it's so amazing how well they overlap and complement each other. Together they truly do demonstrate what is meant by holistic healing and wellbeing. Yoga of course is the sister science of Ayurveda and Energetic Healing deals with the etheric and energetic body and includes the chakras and aura which of course are a major part of Yoga.

These three therapies compliment each other so well from a therapeutic viewpoint as all parts of your being are addressed, mind, body and spirit. I know because I have been using them personally as I have been studying and implementing them into my life. The changes I have seen in myself as I have developed an understanding of the concepts and practices of these amazing therapies has been life changing. 

So please have a look at my site and continue to read this blog. Now that I have more free time I will be posting a lot more and updating both my blog and website with more great articles for you all to read. 

Namaste and blessings of good health and wellbeing to you all

Anthea - Selene